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HVAC Performance Testing

Element is at the forefront of HVAC performance testing, providing pre-certification assessments and performance evaluations of products across a range of electric and gas-fired HVAC appliances.

E&L Challenges During Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturing and Development

Acute Particulate Characterization of Coated Drug-Eluting Vascular Stent Systems

Element uses cutting-edge technology for the analysis phase of acute particle characterization of drug-eluting stents. Pairing Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Automated Feature Analysis (AFA) software provides morphological and elemental data…

Multi-axis Testing of Peripheral Intravascular Devices

What is Noise Vibration and Harshness Testing?

Are your wireless devices compliant with the EN 301 893 update?

A guide to understanding the requirements and regulations for wireless devices operating in the 5GHz bands in the European Union.

Materials Testing: Choosing the right material for your application

A case study on materials testing and the analysis techniques involved such as Charpy impact test, microstructural analysis, and hardness testing.

Corrosion of Building Water Systems: The Importance of Comprehensive Corrosion Evaluation and Risk Assessment Programs to Prevent Failure of Critical Assets

A general guide to understanding the signs of building water systems corrosion, and the factors influencing them.

Element joins the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network


Element gains approval from leading oil & gas conglomerate


Element marks first anniversary of UK supersite with further investment


Element Appoints Trudy Cooke as Group General Counsel